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7 Thrusting & Roating Modes Black Stroker (Black/White)

7 Thrusting & Roating Modes Black Stroker (Black/White)

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Automatic Male Masturbator, Penis Stroker with 7 Thrusting & Roating Modes, Electric Pocket Pussy for Men Waterproof, Sex Toys for Men Pleasure Adult Sex Machine

  • 【One button burst】-Another great feature of this male sex toy is the one button you can press at anytime to get to max power instantly. Challenge the extreme speed of 180 times per minute to experience the weightlessness of falling directly into the clouds.

  • 【7 different thrusting and roating modes】-This Automatic male masturbator with 7 different thrusting and roating modes can be freely combined. If one mode alone isn't enough then a combination surely will be enough to bring you to the edge. This sex toys offers different levels of pleasure depending on your preferred modes.

  • 【Real woman voice】-If you prefer audio during your fun time don't fret. There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack that you can use to hear a built-in real woman voice.

  • 【 Tips to clean】-This masturbator for men is easy to clean with a removable insert that you simply take out and wash with cold or warm water. Use only neutral or mild soaps when cleaning the body friendly, flexible TPE after every long "fun". Soaps with high acid or alkaline content may damage the product materials.

  • 【This pocket pussy has USB charging】-Simply plug in the USB charger when you're done with it and let it charge so this male stroker can be ready to go when you need it again. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge and can be used for about 1 hour after full charge. A full charge before each storage will give it a longer lifespan. The run-time light flickers while the masturbator is working and charging.
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