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Bite Me French Kisser Rose Toy

Bite Me French Kisser Rose Toy

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Adult Sex Toys Vibrator, Rose Toy, Rose Sex Stimulation for Women with 10 Vibration Modes and 10 French Kissing Modes. Tongue Sex Toy Vibrator, Clitoral Stimulation for Women, Adult Sex Toys


  • 【10 Vibration Modes and 10 French Kissing Modes】The adult tongue sex toy vibrator is designed so that all its power is focused on stimulating the tongue. It has 10 Vibration Modes and 10 French Kissing Modes, you'll never feel any rumbling or trembling at the handle while holding it, it only vibrates in the right place. But this amazing clit stimulation is just the tip of the happy iceberg. Whilst its robust tongue stroke at your honey spot with pinpoint accuracy.


  • 【2 in 1 electric female masturbate】The rose vibrator for women pleasure is delicately designed with a big mouth to cup your entire vulva and induces an unpredictable strong sensation, coupled with the concentrated oral-like stimulation on your love bud from the robust vibrating tongue, with its big mouth to engulf your entire vulva and pulse the incredible air wave. The combined clit play allows you to melt into a moment of pure bliss!


  • 【3D smooth textured lips and tongue】The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings—twice as many as the penis! Mouth slightly open, tongue flexible, can't wait to taste your sweet clit. Its unrivaled speaking skills will tease and delight your clit with multiple licking modes.



  • 【Premium Soft Material & USB Charging】Realistic clitoral stimulation for women, USB charging provides 1 hour of playtime on a single charge. This adult sex toy is made of high-quality silicone that is harmless to the body. Its waterproof body allows you to enjoy it in the bathroom, pool, or beach. And, with its body-safe silicone, your sexual wellness is as guaranteed as your sexual pleasure.



  • 【Easy to clean & Carry】Coated with special material inside, just add water, self-lubricating effect. Then Immerse directly in water for cleaning. After simply wiping, drying and then store. You can put it in carrying bag, convenient and concealed. Take it anytime, anywhere and prepare for your next love adventure.Protect Your Privacy. All our products come in a confidential package, Nobody will know what's inside the package.


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