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The Beat Pat- Smart App Controlled Electric Shock Paddle

The Beat Pat- Smart App Controlled Electric Shock Paddle

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Ready to take your impact play to the next level and mix it with a bit of electric shock e-stim play? Then Beat Pat is here and ready to change your playtime forever! Introducing the QIUI Smart Beat Pat, a spanking paddle integrated with E-stim shock.

The QIUI Smart Beat Pat has a pressure activate module that releases and electric shock when a spank is delivered. The harder the spank, the stronger the intensity of the electric shock.  You can adjust the electric shock intensity easily within the QIUI app (which is free to download) so you can find an intensity level suitable for you, from beginner to expert E-stim players. 
All your spanks data are recorded in the QIUI app. The number of spanks and the pressure of each spank are all logged. You can also choose to upload this data to the QIUI community to share your results with other QIUI users. Or simply build your own record and work through the intensity and play levels. 

Elegantly made from from pebbled leather and strong engineered plastics, the gold hardware handles add a very elegant touch so your new favourite toy can have pride of place wherever you play. It is also presented in an elegant storage box, so you pack it way easily. The paddle charges from a USB cable (included) and a full charge takes 2 hours and will provide hours and hours of playtime.

There is also a music mode where you can play your favourite tune then try to drum along to the beat! Anyone for some heavy metal?

Key Features-

App controlled electric shock paddle

Free to download app

Quality design, parts and construction 

USB charging
Music mode

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