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Gawk Gawk 3000 MAX

Gawk Gawk 3000 MAX

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Automatic Blowjob Sex Machine Male Masturbator, Rotating Vibrating Hands Free Sex Toy Stroker Penis Vibrator, Masturbators Pocket Pussy for Pleasure Realistic

  • 【Automatic Blowjob Machine with 5 Modes 】-Adopting revolutionary surreal stimulation technology, features 5 strong rotating settings. From teasing to training, ending at sprinting stroke, this male stroker enhances your pleasure with two-way rotating settings. Clockwise rotation boosts your sexual desire, and anticlockwise rotation triggers the climax.

  • 【Rotating Mode 1 & 2- Teasing Mode】-In these BJ sessions, the rotating mode 1 can boost your sexual desire with its clockwise & constant revolution. In rotating mode 2, its anticlockwise stimulation can gradually guide and trigger you to the climax, then bring you into a slutty thrill.

  • 【Rotating Mode 3- Training Mode】-Methodically alternating cycles between clockwise 5-revolution and anticlockwise 5-revolution are offered in this automatic rotating mode. A perfect shaft training tool with bidirectional rotating settings and prolonged rotating can improve muscle control with effect.
  • 【Rotating Mode 4 - Climax Mode】- Combined with clockwise 10-revolution and anticlockwise 10-revolution in this mode, this man sex toy mimics the final mind-blowing stroke experience.
  • 【Rotating Mode 5- Masterstroke Mode】-Alternating clockwise and anticlockwise rotation between 10-revolution and 3-revolution knows you better. With this design, it can shift the rotating speed and reduce the sensitivity while you are about to climax, and provoke you again when you calm down a bit, till the final intense climax and limit-pushing pleasure.
  • 【10 Vibrating Patterns & Open-up for More Fun Possibilities】-Dedicated to more powerful glans stimulation, mens sex toy is equipped with a high-quality built-in motor, offering an expanding vibration effect from the glans to the shaft. 10 vibrations ensure that you can customize your favorite rhythm. The open-up design can provide more fun possibilities combined with its 5 rotating modes.
  • 【Transparent Crystal Premium Soft Materials & Gripping Beads】-Made of lifelike TPE material, its inner sleeve is comfortably snug and offers great sensations. It can accommodate most men’s little guys with ease. Gripping beads inside rub against your penis to bring a better feeling than with hands, adding more thrill and excitement. The transparent sleeve allows you to have visual pleasure while stroking.
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