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2023 Professional Droppshipping Service From Aimitoy

 No Invoice , no price in the parcel

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Why Chose Us

1.Ex-factory price supply: no middlemen make the difference 

2.Quality assurance: quality control and reinspection

3.Free warehouse

4.Full stock fast shipping

5.Multi shipping solutions offered , low shipping cost

6. Quick response after sales service

7. System support




1. Do you offer Blind Dropshipping - or without sending an invoice and any associated marketing materials including in or on the packaging?

Yes. we could offer blind dropshipping and meet your blind dropshipping requirements.

2. Do you offer CSV file Bulk Dropshipping ? 

Yes. we could offer CSV file bulk dropshipping, and we have done dropshiping for years.

3. Are you able to send an invoice for the whole bulk dropshipping order at once on Alipay or paypal?

Yes, we can send an invoice for the whole bulk dropshipping order and accept Alipay or Paypal.

4. Are you able to apply my company’s logo on the products and the packaging box?

Yes. we are able to talk to factory if your daily dropshipping orders are stable and meet factories' MOQ requirement.

5. What is your shipping carrier for dropshiping and what are the advantages of this shipping carrier ?

The shipping carrier that most dropshipping sellers for China source is Aliexpress. Aliexpress is a shipping carrier with the competitive price and full tracing information from Ship to Delivered.

6. Do you have more options for dropshipping carrier ?

Yes. We do, there are more options according to your needs and products.


Welcome to the DROPSHIPPING program at Aimitoy. We are looking forward to doing business with you. We need the information below to be filled out to activate an account. Drop-Ship will have discounted price for all the products in our webstore. Fill out the following information and email back to us: wholesale@aimitoy.com. Once you have been approved you will receive the confirmation email notification from us.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have been approved you will receive a inventory file and your Drop-Ship discount code. And your email address you provided will be the Drop ship registration account name. Please make sure you enter the valid email address before registration. Thanks!

Name of the Business:

Contact Person:


Email Address:

Phone Number:

Fax Number:

Valid Webstore:

Tax ID (Optional):

**A valid webstore address and email address are required to participate in the dropshipping program.

Welcome to join with us!!